Digital Photographic Restoration


Your old, damaged or faded original photographs can be restored as new. (See below for a full list of services in digital photographic restoration.)

Examples :

Sarah Wilson and family

This client had several old family photos that were in need of digital preservation and restoration. Once the restorations were completed, the client made this comment:

"The restorations are excellent. Thank you.
It is obvious that you care about the quality of the restorations as if the family photos were your own."
- Dr. S.W.

The first image was a small family group, with the mother, Sarah, seated in the middle, daughters Maud and Harriet and sons James and Hugh.

Sarah Wilson and Family

Click/tap image to see image before restoration

This image had suffered considerable damage as the surface had become crazed all over and there were also many deep scratches over some of it. It had also faded quite badly in places.

As I worked on the image the characters of the individuals began to emerge, with the expressions on their faces becoming clearer as the work progressed.

The family stories and anecdotes supplied by the client were helpful also in helping to flesh out the characters in the restoration work.

The restored image was featured in an article in a genealogical magazine in Australia in 2010.


Harriet and Maude

Of these two images, the one of Maud (right) was in an oval setting while Harriet's (left) was rectangular. The oval one, after restoration, was to have a rectangular shape so the two images would be better paired in a display.

The descendent of these individuals (my client) shared more information with me as to the individual characters of these two young ladies, by means of such historical data as was available, as the project progressed and this helped me in my restoration work of all of these images. It is never a purely mechanical process.

Click/tap images to view 'before restoration'

Harriet after restorationMaud after restoration

The two young ladies above are featured in the image of the family, top.

James and Hugh


James and Hugh after restoration

The image of the two brothers, James and Hugh (also featured in the image of the Wilson family above) had suffered severe deterioration as can be seen by clicking on the image to view it before restoration.

The original was almost entirely covered in mold damage with parts of the face of the left hand gentleman missing or having very faded and damaged features.

Fortunately the client had another image of James (on the left) and by referring to this and to the small amount of detail that could be extracted from this original, it was possible to build what we hope is a fairly good representation of the character and look of this person, James Wilson and of Hugh, his brother.

While the image has not yet been fully restored, the figures are now much clearer and should it be required, the rest of the image can have further restoration work done at a later date.

The image was printed at 5"x7".



Little Girl


Image after restoration

Click/tap image to view 'before restoration

This photograph is dated 1903. The original was terribly faded and damaged.

The top left piece of this photo is missing, and the print is very faded and discoloured. It was not easy to see the figure in the right side and the little girl's face is hard to distinguish. The entire photo has damage over the surface, that shows under close observation.

The work on this piece revealed the charming features on the face of this little girl. A family resemblance was seen instantly by a family member, to her surprise. The window at top left was rebuilt, and has the feel of the actual building as it was. The figure at right, that in the original resembled a tree trunk, is now seen to be a tall woman, unfortunately taken with only the lower portion of her face in the shot. It seems that even photographers in those days were not immune to cutting off heads in a composition!

This photo is in an authentic sepia toning.The detail that was revealed in a high quality scan and by careful restoration is astonishing when compared to the original.

This restored photograph was enlarged slightly and printed on archival media. Matted and framed it will last for many more generations, preserving the memory of this sweet little girl.


John and Catherine Wornell

Image before restoration

Click/tap image to view 'before restoration'

This precious family heirloom has suffered badly over the years since it was taken. The photo is yellowed, there are marks left from tape on the corners. The tears and missing pieces have been drawn over with a pen in an early 'restoration' attempt! The face and head of the old gentleman has been bleached out, with detail almost gone. There are several stains and marks from handling and poor storage during many years. The composition of the picture could be improved by moving this couple back a bit from the border.

The photo has been converted to black and white. (Sepia tone can also be applied.) The tears and missing pieces have been painstakingly restored, the button 'sewn' on the elderly lady's dress. The composition of the picture has been improved by addition of foreground, which entailed putting a shoe on the gentleman's foot. Contrast adjustments, selectively applied, have shown detail on the faces of this old couple, as well as in the clothes.

Now that this precious relic from the past has been restored, copies have been printed on archival media for distribution to members of the family, and the past has been preserved for future generations. This photograph is included in a book on photographic restoration techniques by Katrin Eismann. It is also currently on her website.


Digital photographic restoration does not affect the original photograph. The original is carefully scanned, which converts it to a digital file. It is this image which is worked on, preserving your original intact. Processes that are possible:

  • Correction of fading
  • water damage removed
  • mould marks removed
  • discoloration corrected
  • rips or tears repaired, missing pieces filled in
  • closed eyes opened
  • people or objects added or removed
  • cosmetic changes to portraits

Charges vary depending on the work involved in each restoration. Please contact us to find out what we can do for your damaged photographs.